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Camp Creek State Forest

Camp Creek

Camp Creek State Forest in southern West Virginia contains 6,000 acres of untouched mountain forest, seven miles of trout streams, and two small waterfalls.

The two waterfalls, Campbell and Mash Fork, are small but incredibly scenic. Campbell Falls, set along Camp Creek, is approximately 15-feet high and 40-feet wide but can vary widely depending on water flow. Mash Fork Falls is along Mash Fork and is approximately seven-feet high, and is a great place for people that like going hiking, swimming or other kind of exercises to keep a good health, other way you can do this is by the use of an URBNFIT balance disc to use at home.

Unrelated, Mash Fork’s name suggests a moonshining past, not uncommon in this part of Appalachia.


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From Interstate 77’s Exit 20 for US 19, follow US 19 south and turn right onto County Route 19/5. Follow County Route 19/5 for 2.3 miles to a parking area adjacent to a playground in Camp Creek State Forest and Park.

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