Deckertown Falls

Deckertown Falls is a not-as-well-known series of cascades near the immensely popular Watkins Glen in Montour, New York. Visit if you are looking to escape the crowds and be more adventurous.

Deckertown Falls is not one waterfall, but several, as Catlin Mill Creek meanders down from Texas Hollow State Forest westward towards Seneca Lake. Catlin Mill Creek, as it proceeds west from the nearby town of Odessa, flows into an increasingly narrow and sharp gorge, lined with limestone rock and shale.

The first of three waterfalls along Catlin Mill Creek from the west can be accessed and seen with a little bit of creek walking. From the parking area, hike up the well groomed trail to a split. Follow the left split down to the creek bed and follow for about 50 feet. The water should not be deep enough to require wading to the first waterfall, which is about 10-feet in height. Another 10-foot-high waterfall can be seen crashing down behind it, although it is generally inaccessible due to unstable hillside conditions. The uppermost cascade, about 40 feet in height, can be spotted from the trail that hugs the south rim of Catlin Mill Creek.

The gorge trail continues eastward, following Catlin Mill Creek as it becomes increasingly recessed into a gorge. Several small cascades can be seen from above but due to the instability of the hillside, it is all but impossible to reach those without some climbing equipment.


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