Havana Glen

Havana Glen is a small but gorgeous park with several waterfalls in the village of Montour Falls, New York.

The park is located with Havana Glen Park, which includes playgrounds and camping facilities. A short trail along McClure Creek leads to Eagle Cliff Falls, surrounded by towering cliffs and a thicket of hardwoods.

An abandoned trail, leading through private property, accesses additional waterfalls and narrow canyons towards Mitchell Hollow, a fertile watershed that stretches east to Odessa. Curtain Cascade and Bridal Veil Falls are located immediately above Eagle Cliff Falls, although both require scrambling down a steep and unstable hillside.

The park was once extensively used by the Seneca nation to perform ceremonies. Additionally, the lush valley next to Curtain Cascade was once used as a Council Chamber. The reserve later became a private attraction before becoming a city-owned facility.


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