Sweedler and Thayer Nature Preserves

The Sweedler and Thayer Nature Preserves boast three majestic waterfalls and several cascades near Ithaca, New York.

Managed by the Finger Lakes Land Trust, Sweedler Nature Preserve straddles Lick Brook and several other smaller tributaries, allowing the streams to flow wild and uninterrupted. The Thayer Nature Preserve is adjacent to the Sweedler preserve, protecting additional acreage along Lick Brook.

More than 2.5 miles of trails, ranging from easy, flat hikes to strenuous hill climbs, loop and trace along Lick Brook. The White Trail, co-signed with the Finger Lakes Trail, connects to Lower Lick Brook Falls, numerous cascades along Lick Brook, and several smaller cascades along an unnamed tributary. The Blue Trail straddles the edge of Lick Brook, ascending steeply and providing views of Middle Lick Brook Falls and Upper Lick Brook Falls from overlooks.


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