Rondax Fire Tower

Bald Mountain Trail

The Bald Mountain Trail is a 1.75-mile in-and-out hike with a moderate 500-foot climb in elevation to access Bald Mountain and the Rondaxe Fire Tower in New York.

The Bald Mountain trailhead begins at the covered register and informational kiosk at the junction of NY 28 and Rondaxe Road. It is a very widely used trail, so coming in the early morning and late evening hours will provide the most solitude while ascending the trail and enjoying the fire tower and mountaintop.

The trail begins a slightly uphill ascent through typical upstate woodland for the first .2 mile before becoming considerably more technical. The trail, marked with red circular trail tags, can be hard to follow at dawn and dusk but simply follow the exposed granite to the top of the ridge. Where the exposed granite disappears, a wide trail appears.

Bald Mountain Trail crests the ridge at .85 miles, affording expanse views of the Fulton Chain of Lakes and the Rondax Fire Tower!