Greenland Gap

Greenland Gap is a picturesque water gap sculpted by the meandering North Fork of Patterson Creek through New Creek Mountain. Deriving its name from the lush environs of the neighboring Greenland community, this idyllic spot is framed by towering Oriskany Sandstone cliffs that stand over 800 feet tall.

Spanning 250 acres, the preserve features flora more commonly associated with higher terrains, showcasing the likes of the Canada yew and red elderberry. The rugged terrains house the elusive Allegheny woodrats, while the skies above see a flurry of activity from migrating hawks, especially between the warm months of mid-August and October. Notably, the area is a favored nesting ground for birds like the Blackburnian warblers and winter wrens, species usually spotted at loftier elevations.

Greenland Gap was dedicated in November 1974 by the West Virginia Chapter of the Nature Conservancy, with the land donated to the conservancy earlier in the year by the Greenland Lodge, a family group made up of heirs of the late David A. Burt, Sr. of Wheeling. The Oglebay Institute and the Brooks Bird Club assisted in formulating the management plans.

Greenland Gap

Greenland Gap

The area is also home to Patterson Creek Falls, a 15-foot-high cascade that descends into a pool ten feet deep.

Patterson Creek Falls

Patterson Creek Falls

Greenland Gap was also home to a Civil War skirmish on April 15, 1863. A group of 87 Union soldiers squared off against the overwhelming force of 1,500 Confederate troops led by Gen. William ‘‘Grumble’’ Jones. The Union forces, determined and resolute, strategically positioned themselves within a church and surrounding cabins at the western entrance of the gap. Against the odds, these Union soldiers valiantly fended off multiple Confederate charges. However, after a grueling four-hour standoff, the church was tragically set ablaze, leading to the eventual surrender of the Union troops.

The somber toll of this intense skirmish: two Union soldiers lost their lives, with six more wounded. Meanwhile, the Confederates mourned the loss of seven of their own, with 35 additional soldiers wounded. This confrontation, though small in the vast canvas of the Civil War, underscores the immense sacrifice and courage exhibited on both sides.


There are no formal trails at Greenland Gap and an informal trail to Patterson Creek Falls.

Patterson Creek Cascades

Patterson Creek Cascades is a 20-foot-high cascade waterfall that empties into a deep pool along Patterson Creek.

From Petersburg, follow WV Route 42 north for just over 10 miles. Turn right onto Lower Knobley Road (County Route 3) and proceed north for 5 miles. Turn left onto Greenland Gap Road (County Route 3/3) and continue west for .7 miles. From Davis, follow US Route 48 east for 16.3 miles. Turn left at the slip ramp for WV Routes 93 and 42 at Bismark. Continue on WV Route 93 east for 4 miles. At Scherr, turn left to continue on WV Route 93, and then turn right onto Old Scherr Road (County Route 1) and follow for 1 mile. Bear right onto Greenland Gap Road (County Route 3/3) and continue for 1.7 miles.


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