Sharon Woods

Nestled just a stone’s throw away from Cincinnati, Sharon Woods is a tranquil sanctuary spanning 730 verdant acres. At its heart is the shimmering Sharon Woods Lake, accompanied by a welcoming boathouse and a web of trails beckoning explorers. Visitors can embark on the one-mile Fitness Trail for a brisk walk or meander through the Sharon Creek Gorge via the picturesque Gorge Trail. The half-mile School Trail offers a jaunt through the woods full of native birds such as blue jays, pileated woodpeckers, and wood thrushes, while those looking for a longer expedition can circle the lake on the 2.6-mile multi-purpose trail. Golf enthusiasts can swing amidst the rolling hills at the classic 18-hole course. Meanwhile, a step into the Heritage Village Museum is like traveling back in time to a recreated 1800s village, complete with historic structures. Open throughout the year, the museum offers guided tours and exhibitions of age-old crafts and cooking.


Sharon Woods features three distinct cascades, the tallest of which are about seven feet tall.

Buckeye Falls

Buckeye Falls is a seven-foot-high cascade along Sharon Creek.

Lower Buckeye Falls

Lower Buckeye Falls is a five-foot-high cascade along Sharon Creek.

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Sharon Woods can be accessed by US Route 42 (Lebanon Road), East Kemper Road, or Swing Road in the city of Sharonville.



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