Yellow Creek Natural Area

Yellow Creek Natural Area, located near Davis, West Virginia, spans over 860 acres and is named after the Yellow Creek, a tributary of the Blackwater River that runs through the region. This beautiful natural area is known for its remarkable geological formations, such as the Moon Rocks and HooDoo Rocks. It is conveniently situated next to the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge and the Little Canaan Wildlife Management Area.

Yellow Creek Natural Area is a favored spot for outdoor enthusiasts, attracting hikers, mountain bikers, and hunters alike. With more than four miles of trails along the Moon Rocks and HooDoo Rocks Loop Trail, explorers can explore the area’s diverse landscapes and intriguing rock formations. Additionally, the natural area connects to the Heart of the Highlands Trail System, which offers an array of trails spanning over 20 miles.


The Yellow Creek Natural Area features more than four miles of trails.

Moon Rocks/HooDoo Rocks Trail Loop

The Moon Rocks/HooDoo Rocks Trail Loop is a 4.62-mile loop trail located in the Yellow Creek Natural Area. It takes you near HooDoo Rocks and Moon Rocks. To begin the trail, head west from the trailhead along Camp 70 Road, just to the west of Yellow Creek. Follow the 3B's trail east and the continue along the Moon Rocks/HooDoo Rocks Trail meet, follow the Moon Rocks/HooDoo Rocks Trail east and then north for 1.4 miles. Along this section, you will come across HooDoo Rocks where there are informal paths to the top of the rocks that offer a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. Make sure to follow the signs as you continue west and north to reach Moon Rocks. Look for an American flag at the top that marks this unique geological formation. As you move past Moon Rocks, you will also notice an abandoned motorbike. Eventually, you will reach a junction with the Trials Road trail. Take a left turn here and continue south along the Yellow Creek Trail which winds along Yellow Creek. When you reach the end of the Yellow Creek Trail, turn right onto the 3B's Trail which will lead you back to the trailhead.

From WV Route 32 in Davis, follow Camp 70 Road east toward Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge for 2.6 miles. The trailhead is just before the Yellow Creek crossing on the north side of the gravel road.


Yellow Creek Natural Area Weather

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