Bee Rock

The Bee Rock Recreation Area comprises a series of sandstone cliffs along the wild and turbulent Rockcastle River in the heart of the Daniel Boone National Forest. The name Bee Rock derives from a local legend in which many wild honeybees used an area under a cliff as their hive. Tired of the honeybees invading their hives, local beekeepers dynamited the rock, destroying the hive and causing the honey to flow down the cliff and into the river.

The heavily forested area features the Bee Rock Loop Trail (529), which offers a panoramic view of the Rockcastle River. On the west side of the river, there is the much larger Rockcastle Narrows West Trail (503), and on the east side, there is the Rockcastle Narrows Trail (401, 401A). Connecting the two sides over the waterway is the Old Sublimity Bridge, a historic pony truss structure built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the late 1930s with stone for the abutments quarried from the adjacent sandstone facings. Snaking through Bee Rock and the Narrows is the Rockcastle River, a State Wild River that offers one of the most challenging and longest whitewater runs in the Commonwealth.


The Bee Rock Recreation Area features more than 12 miles of moderate to strenuous trails along the Rockcastle River. Popular hikes include:

  • Bee Rock Loop Trail (529) is a 1.75-mile loop that accesses a panoramic view of the Rockcastle River.
  • Rockcastle Narrows West Trail (503) is a three-mile trail that passes by overlooks of the Rockcastle River, cliffs, and abundant wildflowers.
  • Rockcastle Narrows East Trail (401) is a six-mile loop that passes by a small waterfall and cliffs east of the Rockcastle River. It follows a portion of the Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail (100).

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