Beartown Rocks

Beartown Rocks is a unique natural area known for its unusual rock formations along the eastern summit of Droop Mountain in West Virginia. Named for the many cave-like openings in the rocks that made ideal winter dens for black bears, the 110-acre preserve features many deep, narrow crevasses laid out in a criss-cross pattern, massive boulders, overhanging cliffs, and unique flora. Additionally, the face of the cliffs features hundreds of eroded pits.

Land for the park was acquired in 1970 with funds from the Nature Conservancy and a donation from Mrs. Edwin G. Polan. A system of wooden walkways was completed in 1976.

A view of unique geological formations from the Beartown Rocks Boardwalk.


The Beartown Boardwalk is a ½ loop trail that winds through Sandstone rock formations.

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From Interstate 64 in Lewisburg, follow US Route 219 north for 21.5 miles. Turn right onto Bear Town Road and continue east for 1 mile.

From WV Route 39 at Mill Point, follow US Route 219 south for 9.5 miles. Turn left onto Bear Town Road and continue east for 1 mile.


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