Forest Falls

Forest Falls is a visible but hard-to-reach waterfall along Fall Creek in Ithaca, New York. It’s not the most spectacular waterfall in the area as it has a drop of just 20 feet but its seemingly remote and now inaccessible location next to Cornell University gives it a sense of allure and attraction that others don’t possess. It can be easily viewed from the Stewart Avenue Bridge, but getting to the base is now next to impossible after a route through an abandoned circa 1832 waterway tunnel was gated off.


Forest Falls

Forest Falls is a 20-foot cascade waterfall.

A makeshift bushwhack through a circa 1832 waterway tunnel led to the top of Ithaca Falls and the base of Forest Falls. The tunnel is now gated.

From downtown, follow University Avenue up the hill toward Cornell University. Turn left onto Stewart Avenue and follow for .2 mile to the Fall Creek bridge.



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