Holly River State Park

Holly River State Park in the Mountain Lakes region of central West Virginia is surrounded by towering mountains and pristine streams and is known for its wide range of flora, ferns, wildflowers, and waterfalls.

There are five waterfalls to explore at Holly River. Fall Run Falls, along Fall Run, is one of the easiest to access, with a short boardwalk and staircase connecting it to County Route 3. Shupe’s Chute, at the terminus of Fall Run Creek and the Left Fork Holly River, and Lower Falls along the Left Fork Holly River, are best seen from the Potato Knob Trail. The seasonal Tenskwatawa Falls is along the Ridge Road Trail while Tecumseh Falls is along the Reverie Trail.


Fall Run Falls / Upper Falls

Fall Run Falls / Upper Falls is a 20-foot-high plunge waterfall along Fall Run.

Lower Falls

Lower Falls is a segmented waterfall along the Left Fork of the Holly River featuring drops of 15 feet and 12 feet.

Shupe's Chute

Shupe's Chute is a 15-foot-high slide waterfall at the terminus of Fall Run at the Left Fork of the Holly River. At its base is a crystal clear swimming hole that can be popular during the warmer months.

Tenskwatawa Falls

Tenskwatawa Falls is a 10-foot-high plunge waterfall along Tenskwatawa Branch.

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