Twin Falls Resort State Park

Nestled in the southern reaches of West Virginia, Twin Falls Resort State Park beckons visitors with its abundance of natural beauty. The park boasts 25 miles of hiking trails, leading to two stunning waterfalls that flow seasonally. Along the way, hikers can take in breathtaking overlooks, explore a pioneer farm, and even test their skills on a challenging golf course.

One of the park’s main attractions is Cabin Creek Falls, also known as Marsh Fork Falls and Foley Falls. This 15-foot waterfall was once the site of an 1882 mill and can be accessed via the Falls Trail. Just half a mile away lies Black Fork Falls, a similarly impressive waterfall that stands approximately 20 feet tall. In addition to these natural wonders, Twin Falls Resort State Park is home to the Canada and Buzzard cliffs, which offer breathtaking views of the Brushy and Cabin Creek ridges from the winding Cliffside Trail.

Located in a remote corner of the park is Pioneer Farm, a living history museum on an actual working farm established in the late 19th century and preserved to reflect the daily life of a pioneer family during that time period. In the 1960s, while the park was being constructed, former superintendent Morris Harsh discovered a circa 1835 cabin, which had been hidden within the walls of a more typical circa 1915 farmhouse. The cabin was subsequently rebuilt, and a self-sufficient farmstead from the 1800s was recreated.

Cabin at Pioneer Farm at Twin Falls State Park

Pioneer Farm


Black Fork Falls

Black Fork Falls is approximately 20-feet high.

Cabin Creek Falls (Marsh Fork Falls, Foley Falls)

Cabin Creek Falls, also known as Marsh Fork Falls and Foley Falls, is about 15-feet high.

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From the West Virginia Turnpike/Interstates 64 and 77, take Exit 42 for WV Routes 16 and 97. Follow WV Route 97 west for 19 miles. Turn left onto Cabin Creek Road and follow for one mile to the park entrance.


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