Laurel Creek Falls

Laurel Creek is a waterway near Fayetteville, West Virginia, known for its numerous roadside waterfalls. As the creek rapidly drops in elevation, it creates several cascades along its course. One of these waterfalls is next to an old mill and gasoline station at Beckwith and can be viewed from a pull-off alongside WV Route 16, accessing the waterfall’s bottom is not possible as it is on private property. Additionally, three other significant waterfalls are located north of Beckwith, which can be accessed through some bushwhacking and scrambling down rip-rap. These waterfalls are not easily accessible and may require some effort to reach, but they are well worth the effort for those who can make it to the bottom.


Upper Laurel Creek Falls

Upper Laurel Creek Falls is an approximate 20 foot high cascade along Laurel Creek.

Lower Laurel Creek Falls

Lower Laurel Creek Falls is an approximate ten foot high cascade along Laurel Creek.

From US Route 19 in Fayetteville, follow WV Route 16 north for 5.9 miles. From US Route 60 in Chimney Corner, follow WV Route 16 south for 3.5 miles. Informal pull-offs line the highway, with waterfalls visible along Laurel Creek.


Laurel Creek Falls Weather

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