Moss Glen Falls of Granville

Moss Glen Falls of Granville, Vermont offers two spectacular roadside waterfalls within the Granville Gulf Reservation. Moss Glen Falls isn’t the largest waterfall in the state. At 35 feet, the horsetail cascade along Deer Hollow Brook offers a quiet respite from the sometimes busy Vermont Route 100. (Well, as busy as Vermont’s roads can get, that is.) After a heavy rain, Little Moss Glen Falls, a thin horsetail 50-foot waterfall, is found closer towards the parking area.


Moss Glen Falls

Moss Glen Falls is a 35-foot horsetail cascade along Deer Hollow Brook.

Little Moss Glen Falls

Little Moss Glen Falls is a thin horsetail 50-foot waterfall.

From Waterbury and Interstate 89, follow VT Route 100 south for 27 miles. The parking area will be on the right.



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