Nichols Ledge

Nichols Ledge, near Cabot, Vermont, offers an unspoiled and unparalleled vista of Nichols Lake.

At 1,707 feet in elevation, Nichols Ledge presents exceptional scenery of not just Nichols Lake, but of East Long Pond, Woodbury Mountain, and the Worcester Range of the Green Mountains.

Nichols Ledge is located in Cabot, the namesake of an amorous union of Lyman Hitchcock, an officer in the Continental Army, and Sophia Cabot. Only after Hitchcock had acquired the property in Vermont through a grant was the marriage approved by Sophia’s father.

The village’s claim to fame is being home to the Cabot Creamery, reportedly the “Makers of the World’s Best Cheddar.” It’s also well known for the Cabot Fall Festival, part of the broader Northeast Kingdom Fall Foliage Festival, that offers guided hikes to the ledge.


Nichols Ledge Trail

The Nichols Ledge Trail is a 1-mile in-and-out trail that begins at Colts Pond Road's north terminus and ends at Nichols Ledge. The trail has an approximate elevation gain of 400 feet. While steep, it is not a technical trail.

From US 2 at Marshfield, follow VT Route 215 north for 3.1 miles. Turn left onto West Hill Pond Road and follow north for 1.7 miles. It continues onward as Colts Pond Road for 3.2 miles. The road ends at the trailhead.



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