Princess Falls and Lick Creek Falls

Located in the Daniel Boone National Forest in southern Kentucky, Princess Falls and Lick Creek Falls are located within an easy hike from one another.

The southern part of the Bluegrass state is blessed with a significant number of waterfalls that are located within an earshot from the Big South Fork River. Located along Lick Creek, Princess Falls is a 13-foot-high waterfall formed by a rock ledge. According to folklore, the waterfall was named after Princess Cornblossom, a Cherokee princess, although there were no royalty titles in the Cherokee tribe. Follow Lick Creek further and the towering 64-foot-high Lick Creek Falls comes into view.


Lick Creek Falls

Lick Creek Falls is a towering 64-foot-high plunge waterfall.

Princess Falls

Princess Falls is a 13-foot-high waterfall formed by a rock ledge.

Lick Creek Trail

From the Whitley City trailhead, follow Lick Creek Trail No. 631 along an old roadbed atop a ridge for one mile which eventually peters out to a fairly worn footpath. The trail descends 300 feet in elevation, passing under a rock shelter before reaching Lick Creek at mile two. At 2¼-miles, Lick Creek Falls Trail No. 631A splits to the left, connecting to Lick Creek Falls. At 3.4 miles, Princess Falls comes into view.

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From Whitley City, follow KY Route 1651 west for 1 mile. Turn right onto Forest Service Road 662. The trailhead is to the left.



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