Pumpkin House

Nestled in the heart of Kenova, West Virginia, the iconic Pumpkin House stands as the dazzling jewel of the Ceredo-Kenova AutumnFest.

What began in 1978 as Ric Griffith’s humble tribute to his family, with just five hand-carved pumpkins, has since blossomed into a spectacle of splendor. By 1981, these glowing gourds had already claimed territory on the porch, and soon after, they ascended to the rooftops, transforming the dwelling into a magnificent pumpkin palace.

In 1991, Griffith relocated to a stately abode at 748 Beech Street. This historic residence, once the home of Joseph S. Miller — the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Commissioner under President Grover Cleveland — offered the perfect canvas. Its majestic Queen Anne architecture, accentuated by Eastlake designs, cradled an ever-growing pumpkin exhibition. As the new millennium dawned, the Pumpkin House proudly showcased a staggering 2,000 pumpkins. Today, that count teeters near 3,000, a symbolic tribute, with a pumpkin representing each Kenovan.

Crafting this mesmerizing display is no small feat. Every year, hundreds of dedicated volunteers converge over three weeks, culminating in a grand unveiling on the last weekend of October. And the best part? Reveling in this pumpkin panorama is absolutely free for all.

Things To Do

Visit the Pumpkin House Visit the infamous Pumpkin House and see all 3,000 pumpkins during the last week of October!
Take Part in the Annual C-K AutumnFest Take part in the annual C-K AutumnFest, which includes the Pumpkin House as the main attraction, an old fashioned bake-off, an arts and crafts show, a cruise-in, and tractor show.
Pumpkin House


In 1891, a Queen Anne-style residence was constructed at 748 Beech Street, its construction commissioned by Joseph Samuels Miller. Born in 1848, Miller was the offspring of William and Eliza Miller from Barboursville and was one among their seven children. Charting a distinguished career path, Miller practiced law, served as the Clerk of the State Senate, and secured election for two terms as State Auditor from 1877 to 1885. His reputation reached national heights when President Grover Cleveland, recognizing Miller’s capabilities, appointed him as the U.S. Internal Revenue Commissioner. Notably, Miller rendered his services during both non-consecutive terms of Cleveland, from 1885 to 1889 and then from 1893 to 1897. The bond between Miller and Cleveland was not just political; it was personal, with both often retreating to the mountains for shared fishing excursions.

As the pages of history turned, the Miller House opened its doors to several eminent personalities, including State Senator Robert Plymale and two of Kenova’s Mayors, Walter Ferrell and Ric Griffith. It was in 1991 that Griffith acquired this magnificent residence, and with a touch of creativity, he introduced his iconic pumpkin displays, giving the house a new identity as the “Pumpkin House.”


Official Website

Official Website

748 Beech Street, Kenova, West Virginia

From Interstate 64 and US Route 52, take WV Route 75 northwards for approximately 0.7 miles. Make a right turn onto US Route 60, which is also Oak Street. Proceed to the third cross street and make a left turn onto 12th Street. Finally, turn right onto Beech Street. Your destination will be on your right-hand side.


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