R.J. Corman Farm

On a clear autumn day, I found myself at the R. J. Corman farm near Wilmore. It was no surprise to see the horse and cattle farm beautifully lined with maple trees, their leaves a fiery spectrum of reds. The scene seemed a fitting homage to Rick Corman’s enduring impact.

Richard J. “Rick” Corman was a prominent businessman and entrepreneur in Central Kentucky, known for his dynamic presence and significant contributions to the railroad industry.

Born in 1955, Rick Corman began working in the railroad sector at a young age. His entrepreneurial journey started in 1973 when he established his own company with just one backhoe. He nurtured this venture into the R. J. Corman Railroad Group, a comprehensive railroad service and support enterprise that offers services including construction, operation of short-line railroads, and emergency response for the railroad industry.

R. J. Corman Locomotive

R. J. Corman locomotive. Image courtesy of the R. J. Corman Railroad Group.

Corman’s strong work ethic, visionary leadership, and innovation fueled the growth of the R. J. Corman Railroad Group. The company became notable in the regions it operated, particularly recognized by its striking red locomotives which symbolized swift and efficient service.

Beyond his entrepreneurial success, Rick Corman was equally celebrated for his philanthropy and active engagement in community work. He bravely fought multiple myeloma for over a decade, exhibiting relentless tenacity and resilience that mirrored his approach to business.

Rick Corman passed away on August 23, 2013, leaving a profound legacy in both the commercial realm and his local community.

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