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Tag - Kentucky

The Pinnacle

Cumberland Gap

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, called the first gateway to the West, is centered on the Cumberland Gap, a natural break in the Appalachian Mountains along the border of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia. The reserve encompasses mountainous terrain with countless overlooks with incredible vistas, unique caves, spring-fed lakes, and waterfalls. There are also...

White Rocks

White Rocks and Sand Cave

White Rocks and Sand Cave is located within Cumberland Gap National Historical Park along the border of Kentucky and Virginia. White Rocks offers southward views of the Virginia countryside atop limestone rocks embedded with quartz pebbles while the 250-foot-wide Sand Cave provides a unique view of a sand-filled rockhouse.

Bert Hensley House

Hensley Settlement

The historic Hensley Settlement is located at the top of Brush Mountain within Cumberland Gap National Historical Park in southern Kentucky. The settlement contains 12 homestead log cabins, a one-room schoolhouse, a blacksmith shop, and a springhouse.