Ashland Mural

On the hottest day of 2024, I thought it would be timely to revisit one of the coldest days of the preceding winter when the Ashland, Kentucky, area was blanketed with heavy snowfall.

During that frigid winter day, the usually bustling Riverfront Park had a few brave souls admiring the frozen beauty of the Ohio River. The river, which typically flowed freely, was now slowed by patches of ice, creating a serene yet stark winter landscape. The benches, pathways, and trees were all adorned with a layer of snow, transforming the park into a picturesque scene from a winter postcard.

In contrast, Central Park presented a different aspect of winter’s grip. The park, often filled with the sounds of children playing and people enjoying leisurely walks, was now eerie, quiet, and desolate. The snow muffled all sound, creating an almost surreal silence. The statues and playground equipment stood as silent sentinels in the cold, their usual vibrancy subdued under the weight of snow and ice. The trees, stripped of their leaves, looked skeletal against the gray sky, adding to the park’s ghostly ambiance.

As I walked through Central Park, the only sounds were the crunching of snow beneath my boots and the occasional wind rustling through the bare branches. It was a landscape transformed.

That same day, I took a quick visit to Ironton, Ohio, and Huntington, West Virginia, to capture aerial drone shots of the snow blanketing the residential areas and downtown. In Ironton, the drone soared above quiet neighborhoods, revealing rooftops and streets covered in a pristine layer of white. The winter covering accentuated the town’s charm, with each home and building appearing like part of a delicate snow globe scene.

In Huntington, the drone captured a different perspective of winter’s reach. The downtown area, usually buzzing with activity, was subdued under the heavy snow. The snow-clad buildings and streets offered a stark yet beautiful contrast to the usual urban hustle. The aerial views highlighted the calm and quiet that winter can bring to even the most bustling of places, offering a unique glimpse into the serene transformation of the season.

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