Bison Hollow Falls

For those seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure, the serene beauty of Bison Hollow Preserve beckons. Tucked away spanning Hocking and Vinton counties, this 1,000-acre refuge envelops visitors in the quintessential Hocking Hills landscape.

Bison Hollow FallsAs you wind your way through the maze of narrow country roads, you’ll feel as though you’re venturing into a world untouched by time. The trailhead, located adjacent to a charming cascade on East Fork Queer Creek, is the starting point of your journey into nature’s embrace.

Obtaining a permit from the Appalachia Ohio Alliance is a must to ensure that this pristine oasis isn’t abused and overused.

Once inside, you’ll find yourself in a wonderland of rock outcrops, cliffs, overhangs, ledges, caves, and waterfalls, all adorned by the lush greenery of the diverse plant life that calls Bison Hollow home. The East Fork of Queer Creek, a designated Outstanding State Waters stream, meanders through the preserve, its crystal-clear waters teeming with aquatic life.

In early May, the forest floor transforms into a kaleidoscope of colors, with an array of spring wildflowers carpeting the landscape. White and red trilliums, geraniums, Mayapples, Fire pinks, Dwarf crested irises, and Canada violets all vie for your attention, creating a truly breathtaking display.

While the path may seem confusing initially, with numerous posted no trespassing signs reminding you of the need to obtain the permit, a fairly worn trail soon emerges, guiding you through this natural wonder. As you immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Bison Hollow Preserve, you’ll understand why it’s considered a hidden gem. In this place, nature’s majesty remains largely untouched, waiting to be discovered by those willing to venture off the beaten path.

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