Pine Island Double Falls

Pine Island Double Falls and the Daylight Twin Arches in Kentucky, located within the Daniel Boone National Forest, showcase captivating natural beauty. However, be prepared for a journey along winding gravel back roads to reach these scenic wonders.

The Pine Island Double Falls is a picturesque sight tucked away in a secluded wooded haven west of London in the heart of Daniel Boone. It features two glistening waterfalls cascading along Pine Island Creek. The sound of the water echoes throughout the narrow gorge, surrounded by towering sandstone and siltstone cliffs that have been gently eroded over time, creating a stunning contrast against the lush greenery of the creek.

On an unseasonably warm and sunny winter afternoon, I revisited Pine Island Double Falls to test some new magnetic filters. Despite the bright light that can often cause blown highlights on the water surfaces, the trip proved successful. The creek’s waters flowed nicely thanks to recent rainfalls, and the droplets falling from the sandstone cliffs above created a serene environment. As the sun began to set, it backlit the waterfall and the droplets from the sandstone overhang, and I used long exposures to enhance the clarity of the scene, emphasizing the water’s movement.

For adventurous hikers, this hidden gem can be reached by embarking on a 1.3-mile in-and-out trail that starts from an unmarked trailhead. The forest roads in the area have recently been resurfaced with a fresh layer of gravel, and a larger parking area has been provided that can accommodate up to six vehicles.

As with my prior visit to the area, I decided to revisit the Daylight Twin Arches, a pair of sandstone shelters located near the Pine Island Double Falls. As the sun began to set on the horizon, I headed towards these roadside arches, which are among the many natural sandstone arches found in the Commonwealth. Sculpted by the powerful forces of water and wind over millions of years, these arches are a testament to nature’s beauty and resilience.

As the shortened winter season gives way to an early spring, a sense of renewal awakens within us. A journey to Pine Island Double Falls and the Daylight Twin Arches, once hidden gems compared to the state’s more well-known natural wonders, beckons. Though they may have gained popularity in recent years, these scenic wonders still offer a serene environment for those willing to explore the beauty of the Commonwealth.

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