Blackwater Falls State Park

Nestled within the majesty of the Allegheny Mountains in West Virginia lies Blackwater Falls State Park, a sanctuary named after the captivating amber hues of the Blackwater Falls. This 57-foot waterfall marks a dramatic transition in the Blackwater River’s journey, transforming from a tranquil stream meandering through Canaan Valley into a formidable whitewater force within the Blackwater Canyon.

The river owes its unique coloration to the abundant spruce and hemlock trees lining its banks. As the foliage decays, tannins leach into the water, bestowing upon it a rich, tea-like hue. This distinctive feature, along with the park’s seclusion, makes the Blackwater River and its tributaries a paradise for photographers in search of unparalleled natural beauty.

Philip Pendleton Kennedy, in his 1852 exploration of the Canaan Valley and the upper reaches of the Blackwater River, captured the essence of this pristine wilderness in “The Blackwater Chronicle: A Narrative of an Expedition into the Land of Canaan.” He proclaimed, “Perhaps in all this broad land of ours, whose wonders are not yet half-revealed, no scene more beautifully grand ever broke on the eye of poet or painter, historian or forester.” Today, his words still ring true, as the timeless allure of Blackwater Falls State Park continues to captivate and inspire all who visit.


Blackwater Falls

Blackwater Falls features a sheer drop of 57 feet.

Falls of Elakala

Falls of Elakala is a series of four waterfalls along Shay Run: No. 1, a sheer drop of 20 feet; No. 2, a cascade of 18 feet; No. 3, a cascade of 15 feet; No. 4, a cascade of 25 feet.

Fall Run Falls

Fall Run Falls is a series of two waterfalls along Falls Run: Lower Falls, a cascade of 17 feet; Upper Falls, a cascade of 25 feet.

Pendleton Run Falls

Pendleton Run Falls is a series of five waterfalls along Pendleton Run: No. 1, a drop of 8 feet from the spillway; No. 2, a cascade of 20 feet; No. 3, a cascade of 15 feet; No. 4, a cascade of 20 feet; No. 5, a cascade of 20 feet.

Blackwater Falls Overlooks

Two areas provide overlooks of Blackwater Falls. From the western side, a series of steps leads from the gift shop down to several overlooks. On the other side, the .1-mile-long Gentle Trail connects to an overlook from the roadway to the lodge.

Elakala Trail

The Elakala Trail is a .2-mile trail that connects the lodge with Canaan Loop Road and the Balanced Rock Trail. It crosses over the Falls of Elakala No. 1 via a bridge.

Lindy Point Trail

The Lindy Point Trail is a .8-mile in-and-out trail that connects with Canaan Loop Road and Lindy Point, one of the best overlooks of the Blackwater Gorge.

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From WV Route 32 in Davis, follow Blackwater Falls Road for 1.2 miles.


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