Excelsior Glen

Practically hidden from public view, Excelsior Glen features three narrow cascades in a wild and unique setting near Watkins Glen, New York.

Sharing similarities to its more popular cousin, Watkins Glen, Excelsior Glen features a canyon defined by loose shale and limestone. Like Havana Glen, Montour Falls, and Watkins Glen, Excelsior Glen was once a private tourist attraction lightly trafficked because of the stream’s seasonal flow and inaccessibility. Despite the Finger Lakes Trail hugging the south rim of the canyon, the waterfalls are mostly out of sight without having to creek walk.


Lower Falls

Lower Falls is a 35-foot-high narrow waterfall visible from the Finger Lakes Trail.

Emerald Falls

Emerald Falls is a 32-foot-high waterfall partly visible from the Finger Lakes Trail. Some creek walking is required to visit the base.

Empire Falls

Empire Falls, a 120-foot-high cascade, features three drops of roughly 40 feet, 55 feet, and 25 feet.

There are no defined trails into Excelsior Glen, although the Finger Lakes Trail winds along the south rim of the canyon.


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