Rockbridge Natural Bridge

Located a stone’s throw away from Logan, Ohio, Rockbridge Natural Bridge stands as the state’s most expansive natural arch. This geological wonder spans over 100 feet in length and varies from 10 to 20 feet in width, creating a 50-foot arch across a picturesque ravine.

Ohio is home to just twelve natural bridges, predominantly situated amidst the large sandstone formations of the south-central and eastern regions of the state.

The story of Rockbridge Natural Bridge dates back millions of years, to a time when Ohio was submerged under a warm inland sea. Rivers meandered into this vast expanse, depositing layers of sand, which over time compressed and solidified into Black Hand sandstone. As tectonic forces birthed the Appalachian Mountains, the sea retreated, unveiling the sandstone to the elements. Wind, rain, and groundwater began their slow dance of erosion, sculpting a cavernous recess in the softer central portion of the Mississippian Blackhand sandstone. Simultaneously, erosion worked its magic along a natural joint plane set back from the cliff’s edge, gradually widening the gap and leaving behind the slender rock arch we see today. Rockbridge Natural Bridge stands as a testament to the beauty and persistence of nature.

Rockbridge Natural Bridge

Rockbridge Natural Bridge


There are 2¾ miles of trails.

Connector Trail

The Connector Trail is a .4-mile trail from the parking area into the preserve.

Natural Bridge Trail

The Natural Bridge Trail is a one-mile loop trail that accesses Rockbridge Natural Bridge and the seasonal waterfall. There is a short spur to the Hocking River.

Rock Shelter Trail

The Rock Shelter Trail is a ¾-mile loop trail that passes by several rock formations and a small overhanging cave.

From Logan, follow US 33 west. Just west of the OH Route 180 interchange, and immediately before the rest area, turn right onto Dalton Road. Follow to the end of the road at a small parking area for the Rockbridge State Nature Preserve. From Lancaster, follow US 33 east. Just after the rest area in Rockbridge, turn left onto Dalton Road. Follow to the end of the road at a small parking area for the Rockbridge State Nature Preserve.



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