Marblehead Lighthouse

On the shores of Lake Erie stands the Marblehead Lighthouse, a landmark with the distinction of being the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the Great Lakes. Over the years, it’s become a favorite subject for photographers and historians alike.

The lighthouse has seen numerous changes. It upgraded to a 4th-order fixed Fresnel lens in 1858, grew in height between 1897 and 1903, and incorporated a regular flash every 10 seconds. Electricity, introduced in 1923, was a major advancement. Its significance during World War II led the US Coast Guard to take responsibility in 1946. Currently managed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources but still technically overseen by the U.S. Coast Guard, its light now shines green and is visible for 11 nautical miles.

Visitors to Marblehead can enjoy expansive lake views and explore a museum that replicates a lifesaving station.

Through calm and storm, the Marblehead Lighthouse stands as a symbol of safety, history, and resilience on Lake Erie’s shores.

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