Pinnacle Mountain Fire Tower

Located in the heart of the Cherokee National Forest near Unicoi, Tennessee, the Pinnacle Mountain Fire Tower stands as a sentinel atop Buffalo Mountain at a height of 3,520 feet.

A beacon of history and a testament to nature’s grandeur, this tower, built in 1930, once served as a vigilant watch post until the 1980s. For decades, it lay abandoned. However, 2011 marked a rebirth for this iconic structure. Thanks to the dedication of the Friends of Pinnacle Tower and a generous grant by the Forest Fire Lookout Association, the derelict wooden and metal top was revitalized into a full-metal viewing platform. Today, visitors can ascend this 40-foot tower to feast their eyes on a panoramic vista of “The Valley Beautiful”, encompassing the majestic peaks of Roan, Unaka mountains, and the towering Mt. Mitchell of North Carolina.

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