Dolly Sods

On an autumn journey to Dolly Sods, I was joined by two fellow photographers, Jason Furda and Daniel Thompson, each of us eager to capture the essence of this untouched wilderness. Located in the heart of the Monongahela National Forest, the Dolly Sods is a vast landscape that stretches across the Allegheny Mountains of eastern West Virginia. Its unique position atop the highest elevation plateau east of the Mississippi River offers panoramic views that seem painted by nature's finest brushstrokes.

Seneca Rocks

At the break of dawn amidst the rugged grandeur of Seneca Rocks, an old adage of the wilderness resonates: the early bird beholds the most mesmerizing sights. During the hush of the preceding night, warm winds performed a ballet, gracefully ascending the jagged visage of the stones. As these currents ascended, they expanded and cooled in a captivating process known as adiabatic cooling. Upon meeting the dew point, a mystic veil of fog weaved itself around the landscape.

Plum Run Prairie Preserve

Ah, the forgotten dance of the Ohio prairies – a mesmerizing waltz of resilience and vulnerability, preservation and destruction. Nestled within the verdant bounds of Adams County lies the Plum Run Prairie Preserve, a living testament to nature's cyclical ballet. The 140-acre oasis stands as a rare fragment of Ohio's primordial landscape, a piece of history imbued with ecological grandeur and fragility.